5 years later, 5 ways that Ubuntu has made Linux more human

Canonical announced the very first release of the Ubuntu Linux distribution on October 20, 2004. Five years later, Ubuntu is the star of the Linux desktop and has achieved a level of popularity and mindshare that is unprecedented among various flavors of the open source operating system.

Microsoft Prepping Minor Windows Mobile 6.51 Upgrade

While Windows Mobile 6.5 platform isn’t apparently turning out to be a success on several handsets, Microsoft Corp. has decided to come up with a more user-friendly stopgap version of the operating system, version 6.5.1, before it upgrades the platform to the next-generation Windows Mobile 7.

Microsoft has only recently released Windows Mobile 6.5 - on October 6th - but the software maker has reportedly been working on an update which will incorporate features that were left out.

Mars missions boosted by communication breakthrough

Communication with Mars had not been possible for several weeks at a time when the Sun obscured the Earth's view of the planet.

But the University of Strathclyde researchers found a way to allow continuous communication with just one spacecraft.

The breakthrough centres on Lagrange points, five areas in space where an object such as a satellite or observatory can stay fixed in the same location relative to the Earth and the Sun.

YouTube to broadcast Channel 4 shows

YouTube and Channel 4 have inked a landmark content deal that will see most of the UK broadcaster's programming made available for free on the Google-owned video sharing site.

Under the pact, Channel 4 will make its entire 4 on Demand catch-up service of new shows available on YouTube shortly after airing, plus around 3,000 hours of full-length programming from its archives. But only in the UK.


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