Kayak Vs Bing

Kayak broadside hits Microsoft's search redesign | Webware - CNET

Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, although on the Web it can be followed by the threat of litigation.

Wired reports that travel search site Kayak.com sent Microsoft a "legal letter" this week based on Microsoft's Bing travel search tool looking too similar to its own. While the Farecast-powered travel search provides differing results from Kayak's, the company is citing its similarity in look and functionality.

Facebook testing new control for shielding updates

The Associated Press: Facebook testing new control for shielding updates

Facebook is testing new privacy controls that will allow the online hangout's roughly 200 million users to decide who should see each of their personal updates.

In a Wednesday announcement, Facebook said the option will enable users to customize their postings for specific groups of friends.


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