At E3, Gamemaker Battle Erupts Over Camera Controllers

At E3, Gamemaker Battle Erupts Over Camera Controllers | GameLife |

Bloodied by Nintendo’s runaway success, the other major gamemakers are attempting to leapfrog the Wii’s innovative motion-sensitive controller with camera-based hardware that let players interact with games using nothing but their bodies.

“Camera” is the unlikely buzzword at this year’s Electronic Entertainment Expo videogame trade show: The industry’s biggest players unveiled no fewer than three advanced, camera-based controllers designed to let gamers manipulate directly with videogame consoles, ushering in the next phase in the war for the living room.

On Monday, Microsoft showed its Project Natal, a controller that uses two cameras to track a player’s body movements in 3-D space, allowing them to play games without holding a controller. Later that day, game publisher Ubisoft said it would release a camera for its latest fitness game on Wii. And Sony unveiled a work-in-progress device Tuesday that uses a Wii-style motion-sensing wand controller that is tracked by a camera.


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