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Windows 7 Whopper

Things always seem over the top in Japan, from the cartoons to camcorders and cell phones. It's almost no surprise that Microsoft has partnered with Burger King to sell a gigantic hamburger there.

Microsoft launches Windows 7 in India

Microsoft India has announced the availability of Windows 7 for its customers in India.

In line with the company’s commitment to releasing a new OS at periodic schedules, Windows 7 is designed to be more reliable and responsive, delivering a simplified PC experience for consumers.

Verizon's Mystery Droid Takes Aim at Apple's iPhone

New Ad Campaign Targets iPhone With Tagline, 'Whatever iDon't, Droid Does'

In an aggressive new ad campaign teasing a mystery phone with the potential to slay Apple's leading smartphone, Verizon Wireless appears to have thrown down the gauntlet.


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