Steve Jobs out, Lary Page in

Its all over news and everyone's speculating.. many are questioning it as end of an era, some are calling it a major week for geeks.. as another news broke about Google's co-founder Larry Page taking over Eric Schmidt as CEO of the giant search empire.

Lets see how both companies perform after these top level changes.. Steve has come back twice before this.. and both times Apple has performed much better than before.. we all know iPod, iPhone & iPad stories.. no wonder Apple stocks are taking a dip.

Steve Jobs Conquers the Decade - Now What?

Steve JobsApple CEO Steve Jobs has been named the chief executive of the decade by Fortune, and it's hard to call that a bad pick, considering the turnaround Apple has undergone since Jobs returned to the helm in the mid-'90s. What's next on the list for a tech leader who's already changed the way we use computers, how we listen to music, and how we use our cellphones?

Android grabs attention at Sprint conference

For many of the 1,000-plus developers at the Sprint Open Developers Conference on Tuesday, there was but one word on their lips: Android.

While talk in the past has focused on Windows Mobile or Palm, the biggest topic of conversation at the ninth annual conference in Santa Clara was Google's 1-year-old smart phone operating system, which has become the darling of the mobile development world.


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