Fifth-generation iPod nano

Fifth-generation iPod nano | Hardware - InfoWorld
Apple's smallest screen-bearing iPod, the iPod nano, has evolved in impressive fashion. A highly capable and affordable performer in its previous two iterations, the fifth-generation (5G) iPod nano adds the kind of useful and entertaining features that will compel someone on your holiday list to sidle up and wheedle, "You know what I'd really like this year?"

Motorola’s First Android Phone Takes Aim at Social Networks

Motorola’s First Android Phone Takes Aim at Social Networks | Gadget Lab |
Motorola today introduced the Cliq, the company’s first phone based on the Android mobile operating system. The device will have a custom interface called Moto Blur that will bring together e-mail messages, text messages, Facebook and Twitter feeds, and photos into a single interface.

ImHalal.Com - Halal Search Engine for Muslims

ImHalal.ComThe Muslims from all over the world can search the worldwide Web safely without coming across the content that might be considered ‘Haram’ according to the Islamic Law. The search engine, (, only fetches results that are flagged as to be ‘Halal’. The search engine uses various techniques to determine which results fetched are supposed to be ‘Halal’ or ‘Haram’.


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