It's Google's World And Handset Makers Just Live In It

When the Motorola Droid launched this month everyone was amazed that a company so down on its luck was able to put together a well-designed phone running a powerful, "brand new" OS. The whole package - hardware, software, and marketing - seemed flawless. In fact, phones running Android 1.5 now look hopelessly outdated and with 2.0's gesture, CDMA, and search support you'd wonder why handset manufacturers like HTC, LG, Kyocera, and Samsung are using 1.5 at all.The reasons have more to do with Google than any decision on the carriers' part.

PC processor shipments break record

PC processors are the latest tech segment bouncing back from the recession.Third-quarter shipments of computer processors, or CPUs, climbed 23 percent over the second quarter of 2009, doubling typical growth and setting a record for sequential growth, according to an IDC report released Monday.Revenue from processor sales also bounced back to hit $7.4 billion, a 14 percent gain over the second quarter, according to IDC's "Worl

Steve Jobs Conquers the Decade - Now What?

Steve JobsApple CEO Steve Jobs has been named the chief executive of the decade by Fortune, and it's hard to call that a bad pick, considering the turnaround Apple has undergone since Jobs returned to the helm in the mid-'90s. What's next on the list for a tech leader who's already changed the way we use computers, how we listen to music, and how we use our cellphones?


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