WiFi pioneer John O'Sullivan wins PM's Prize for Science

ALMOST two decades after pioneering high-speed wireless technology, John O'Sullivan has won one of the nation's top science gongs.

The CSIRO scientist was awarded the prestigious Prime Minister's Prize for Science for 2009 for his WiFi technology now found in millions of laptops, printers, wireless access devices and even Nintendo's Wii.

Dr O'Sullivan and his team found a way to speed up wireless networks in 1992 - a problem that had international scientists stumped.

The idea has since generated a windfall for the CSIRO to the tune of $205 million and counting.

Windows 7 set to break sales records

windows7Microsoft’s latest operating system, Windows 7, is on course to break sales records following its launch today.The online retailer Amazon said that it was the "biggest grossing pre-order product of all time", having overtaken the likes of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows and Nintendo’s Wii.Speaking at t

Microsoft launches Windows 7 in India

Microsoft India has announced the availability of Windows 7 for its customers in India.

In line with the company’s commitment to releasing a new OS at periodic schedules, Windows 7 is designed to be more reliable and responsive, delivering a simplified PC experience for consumers.

Verizon's Mystery Droid Takes Aim at Apple's iPhone

New Ad Campaign Targets iPhone With Tagline, 'Whatever iDon't, Droid Does'

In an aggressive new ad campaign teasing a mystery phone with the potential to slay Apple's leading smartphone, Verizon Wireless appears to have thrown down the gauntlet.


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