5 years later, 5 ways that Ubuntu has made Linux more human

Canonical announced the very first release of the Ubuntu Linux distribution on October 20, 2004. Five years later, Ubuntu is the star of the Linux desktop and has achieved a level of popularity and mindshare that is unprecedented among various flavors of the open source operating system.

3 Reasons Why iPhone Won't Get Adobe Flash

Adobe delighted on Monday the smartphone world, when it announced that Flash Player 10.1 will be available by the end of the year on BlackBerry, WinMo, Palm WebOS, Google Android, and Symbian phones.

But the millions of iPhone users out there are left fuming over the announcement because their beloved gadget isn't showing any signs of Adobe Flash adoption.

Google Makes Android 1.6 SDK Available

Google Makes Android 1.6 SDK Available

Google is making Android, its open-source mobile operating system, sweeter still. Code-named Donut, Android 1.6's updates include CDMA connectivity, better search capabilities, voice dialing and a quicker camera.

Never have mobile operating systems so roused the appetite.


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