Android grabs attention at Sprint conference

For many of the 1,000-plus developers at the Sprint Open Developers Conference on Tuesday, there was but one word on their lips: Android.

While talk in the past has focused on Windows Mobile or Palm, the biggest topic of conversation at the ninth annual conference in Santa Clara was Google's 1-year-old smart phone operating system, which has become the darling of the mobile development world.

Microsoft Prepping Minor Windows Mobile 6.51 Upgrade

While Windows Mobile 6.5 platform isn’t apparently turning out to be a success on several handsets, Microsoft Corp. has decided to come up with a more user-friendly stopgap version of the operating system, version 6.5.1, before it upgrades the platform to the next-generation Windows Mobile 7.

Microsoft has only recently released Windows Mobile 6.5 - on October 6th - but the software maker has reportedly been working on an update which will incorporate features that were left out.

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